Lundbergs Grönt & Gott
Munktorps-Ekeby 7

731 91 Köping

Mobile    +4670 215 69 45




Organic vegetables of the highest quality, cultivated with care!



Lundbergs Grönt & Gott has its operations on a small farm in southern Munktorp, Köping municipality.

Here they grow field vegetables, such as onions, carrots, green beans, cucumbers, squash and more. All cultivation is carried out with organic manure from the farm animals and naturally without pesticides. A large part of the farming is done by hand, allowing the greatest possible amount of harvest is utilized and that the vegetables get the highest quality.

Summer surplus from the farm is processed into condiments , jellies , pickled pumpkin, pickles and much more. A good way to get flavor to life even in the winter.

We pick some produce from the forest, which we refine and sell.

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Business idea

We sell proprietary products to consumers who are interested in food,

who care about the environment, is locally grown and natural food.