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We want to share some of the raw materials we can produce on the farm and those found in nature.

The vegetables are grown outdoors and are primarily sold fresh during the harvest season. The harvest of leafy vegetables such as dill, chard tend to begin in July. Even small spring onions and small delicatessen beets can be done during the month of July. During the month of August are such as beans, field cucumbers, zucchini ready for harvest, and the harvest is usually able to hold on until the frost and cold. During September and October is the peak season for corn, root vegetables, leeks, pumpkin mm.

We process a portion of the cultivated vegetables such as cucumbers to cucumber souse and zucchini to condiments to be able to enjoy the summer glories during the winter.

We also use some raw materials from nature such as tree shoots and leaves and shoots of different flowers to make lemonade on. Subject to availability and time, we find the berries and fruit. Our marmalades and jams are cooked in small batches with no additives made sustainability and consistence.



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Business idea

We sell proprietary products to consumers who are interested in food,

who care about the environment, is locally grown and natural food.